Hello, this is a quick introduction to Cymbod Ltd

Cymbod means in old Welsh, a meeting place of reconciliation, a tool or artificial intelligence that I see people using to reconcile a problem or challenge they have with a simple and direct solution. I am looking to design and develop Cymbods that will run project management, business systems and community groups.

The majority of what is known as artificial intelligence is obsessed with pattern recognition tools that pull patterns out from examining large quantities of big data, which have raised concerns ranging from statistical errors and bias to conflicts over control and access to personal information. Cymbod Ltd is following a different path in the development of our Cymbods that eliminates the need for access to big data, or the need for large amounts of energy to process information.

We intend to develop Cymbods based upon the science of complexity theory. It is surprising that most people, especially those involved in artificial intelligence, have not identified the potential that complexity theory offers in advancing artificial intelligence beyond its current limits. The bee for example packs into its little body a simple nervous system, a few hundred scripts, a sensory system with access to multiple ways of handling information in real time, and an energy system to function; with a few ten thousand of these bees forming a group mind without any central or external controller managing them, which gives them a measure of intelligence, aliveness and consciousness beyond anything humanity has so far produced in artificial intelligence. The bee functions according to complexity theory without need of big data or large amounts of energy.

Cymbod Ltd hopes to replicate what the bees are doing by designing and developing thousands of individual units with simple scripts and designs, connecting these in certain ways with feedback loops, and cause the development of an emergent hive-mind state that might be described as intelligent, conscious and alive.

We are aware of the public anxiety over artificial intelligence, and we have a number of innovations that will limit our Cymbods to the functions we designed them for.